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Should we be freaking out about the Singularity?

An article posted on CNET revealed that Elon Musk was preparing a press release to clarify his comments and thoughts on the current state of artificial intelligence research.

According to Musk: “the risk of something seriously dangerous happening is in the five year time frame. 10 years at most.” This was stated in the comments section of an essay entitled “The Myth of A.I” by Jaron Lanier.

The comment was quickly deleted but can be found here. Obviously this sent a wave of panic that quickly submersed the internet. If anyone should be taken seriously concerning these matters it’s the genius-entrepreneur-billionaire-ironman.

What probably will happen:
Robot's are invading

Elon Musk has intimate knowledge of AI’s latest developments. He was involved in the early stages of DeepMind’s financing, the AI startup acquired by Google for 400 million dollars.

DeepMind is one of Google’s many secretive projects with almost no public information available. Over the last years, Google has been acquiring promising startups in the areas of AI, robotics (SHAFT, Boston Dynamics) and life extension (CALICO), simultaneously giving conspiracy theorists are getting a lot of material to work with.

Clearly Google is getting ready to build the new Transhuman paradigm, where the IoT and robots serve immortal humans’ idyllic hedonistic lifestyles.

Get excited.

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